Gabriela Macario

Widow, Madwoman


Moved into the Corbitt house in 1918 with her husband and children. She was driven mad from the haunting and from walking in on her husband while hanging himself. She is somewhat coherent and can answer questions, but she is very weak.

Mrs. Macario has little to say. An evil presence lives in the house,
one she hates to think of. At night she would sometimes wake to find
it leaning over her. When it was angry, the thing might cause dishes or
other objects to fly around the room. Mostly it hated her husband,
Vittorio, and concentrated on him. The keeper can answer more questions,
but she is unable to give specific information. After the investigators
have visited the house, the keeper might let her be more precise
and forthcoming.

Gabriela Macario

The One Who Waits in the Dark ragingtulip