Tag: Arkham


  • Arkham Advertiser

    A large newspaper of good repute that circulates all across Massachusetts. The Haunting: With a successful Idea roll, one of the investigators suggests using the morgue at the Arkham Advertiser.. Coming as a group, the investigators need a successful …

  • Miskatonic Library

    A library at the esteemed Miskatonic University. Has one of the largest archives of Occult knowledge in the western hemisphere. The Haunting: This worthy institution has several interesting items tucked away, but the investigators need a separate …

  • Vittorio Macario

    Moved into the Corbitt house with his wife and two sons in 1918. After a serious haunting and horrifying dreams he hanged himself in Corbitt's old room, leaving his wife mad and his children parentless.

  • Gabriela Macario

    Moved into the Corbitt house in 1918 with her husband and children. She was driven mad from the haunting and from walking in on her husband while hanging himself. She is somewhat coherent and can answer questions, but she is very weak. Mrs. Macario has …

  • Macario Boys

    The two young Macario boys are being cared for by relatives in Baltimore. The investigators can visit them, but they know nothing except that they miss their parents and that in their former home they often dreamed of a strange man with burning eyes.

  • Phillis Wheatley

    Works at the Arkham Advertiser. Older woman, kinda creepy and cougary. Willing to flirt with others even though she's clearly married. Her job is to watch over the archives at the Advertiser and to help people who are approved to look at the archives …