Arkham Advertiser

A large newspaper of good repute that circulates all across Massachusetts.

The Haunting:
With a successful Idea roll, one of the investigators suggests using the morgue at the Arkham Advertiser.. Coming as a group, the investigators need a successful Fast Talk or Persuade roll to get in, a letter of reference from the Mayor’s office, or an authorizing telephone call from any editor on the paper.

The pertinent clippings are filed by street address. The stories concerning the Macarios are brief and uninformative: the Advertiser reported the facts as the investigators already know them. Also present is a 1918 feature story which was never published. It states that in 1880 a family of French immigrants moved into the house but fled after a series of violent accidents left the parents dead and three children crippled. The house long stood vacant. Sometimes facsimiles of newspaper accounts are supplied in adventures.

In 1909 another family moved in, and immediately fell prey to illnesses. In 1914, the oldest brother went mad and killed himself with a kitchen knife, and the heartbroken family moved out. In 1917, a third family rented the house, but they left almost immediately, after they all became ill at the same time.

If an investigator successfully flirts with the archive attendant (APP x3 or Credit Rating roll), he or she happens to remark that the Advertiser files go back no further than a fire in 1878. The Corbitt House may be mentioned earlier than that.

Arkham Advertiser

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