Miskatonic Library

A library at the esteemed Miskatonic University. Has one of the largest archives of Occult knowledge in the western hemisphere.

The Haunting:
This worthy institution has several interesting items tucked away, but the investigators need a separate Library Use roll to find each of the following items.

In 1835, a prosperous merchant builds the house, but immediately falls ill and sells it to a Mr. Walter Corbitt, esquire.

In 1852, Walter Corbitt is sued by neighbors, who petition to force him to leave the area “in consequence of his surious [sic] habits and inauspicious demeanor”.

Evidently Corbitt wins the lawsuit. His obituary in 1866 states that he still lived in the same place. It also states that a second
lawsuit was being waged to prevent Corbitt from being buried
in his basement, as provided by his will.
n No outcome to the second lawsuit is recorded.
Each item is in a different newspaper and takes four hours to find.

Miskatonic Library

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